Tuesday, 19 December 2017

My New PC Build - Intel i7 8700K Delid

So finally after 16 years I started to build my new desktop PC. Before that I only used my company laptop and my personal Sony Vaio F11Z1E/BI laptop which I bought in April 2010. 
I had no permanent place where I could place desktop PC and monitor, so laptop was the only reasonable choice for me. I traveled also between two places so I needed to have my PC always with me due to photo work.

Years passed by and my Sony Vaio was slower and slower. Especially when I wanted to edit some video footage, power of old CPU i7 720QM was not sufficient. Also new software - especially Adobe Lightroom was not optimized and got slower with each new version. But still it worked fine with RAWs from my Canon 5D MK II.

I finally decided to move forward and wanted to buy a new computer. I was deciding between laptop and desktop. I still want to have some portability, but on the other hand, laptops don´t offer so much power as desktop PCs, and you can easily add more components into the desktop PC in the future, instead of laptop, where you can add only more RAM or storage but its limited.

Price was also important factor, and when looking at best laptops, it was reaching 3000€ and you still don´t have power of a desktop PC.

So after I done my research, I saw that AMD entered market with new Ryzen CPUs. That was really interesting and as I had time to wait, I just waited what will Intel offer later in year 2017. So I planned to buy AMD Ryzen 1700x CPU, with possibility to overclock up to 4 GHz. 8 cores, really interesting...

And then Intel strikes back :) adding new king of mainstream CPUs - Intel i7 8700K. When I first saw its overclocking possibilities, I was amazed. It could outperform 8 core AMD Ryzen 1800x with its only 6 cores. Single core performance, Intel wins in every aspect.

To be continued..... 

PC components overview: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/4QfH99#cx2661473

Fractal Design Meshify C
Seasonic 750 watt Titanium
Taichi Z370
Intel i7 8700K (delid)
AIO BeQuiet! SilentLoop 280mm
DDR G.Skill TridentZ 3466 Mhz CL16 2 x 8GB
MSI Nvidia GTX 1080 Armor 8GB OC
NVMe M.2 Samsung EVO 960 500GB
Corsair LL series RGB fans - 4 x 140mm and  1 x 120mm

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